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An interview with me!

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Over the past few years, I've had the growing sensation that my public life is primarily focused on being a commentator or analyst rather than a practitioner. This is largely due to my role on The Prepared, but I'm sure is also influenced by my professional priorities and the fact that ultimately, I'm interested not only in any specific trade but in the broader saga of product development and business maturation.

And so it was just a delight to be asked to appear on 100 Product Managers, and a total pleasure to be interviewed by Suzanne Abate. Our conversation spanned not only The Prepared and The Public Radio, but also my time building high end custom bikes and robot doors. Throughout, we focused not only on the products being sold but also the products being used to make them - manufacturing tools, fixtures, and software. 

For the whole interview, head over to the 100 Product Managers site. Thanks to Suzanne for having me on!