Manufacturing guy-at-large.


1. I live in Brooklyn with Ada, Nora, and Libo. I'm happiest when I exercise regularly; I rarely exercise regularly :/

2. The most-seen thing on this site is my work on printing titanium. This is largely accidental, and is what I spend my days working on now.

3. The most-used thing I've made is an FM radio housed in a mason jar. This was the result of a lot of luck and a *lot* of late night pizza.

4. The thing I get the most feedback on is my weekly habit of sharing what I've read in an email newsletter. I built this slowly, methodically.

5. The biggest infrastructure projects I've seen are all in NYC; you can see them too, if you want.

6. I used to design robot doors; I used to do management consulting for Fortune 100 companies; I used to build high end custom bicycles; I used to manage construction projects; I've done other little things too.

7. If you want to do a nice thing for me, buy me a tool! 

8. I have a résumé! 


Other details:

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  3. Thanks to Jacob Krupnick for the photo of me on my homepage.