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Selected writing

Blogs are great, but they're a pain in the ass to navigate. Find the oldies-but-goodies here!


EBM and chemical surface finishingEBM surface finishes and MMP

In which I investigate the effects of two superfinishing processes on 3D printed titanium bike parts. Complete with full surface characterizations, for the nit-picky!

stem cleanup.jpg

Stem prints

A good jumping off point into my ongoing work developing a 3D printed titanium bike stem using complex, variable lattice structures. 

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Notes on Amazon Business and decisions in B2B ecommerce

As a strategist and a businessperson, B2B ecommerce is a fascinating subject to me. Here, I dissect Amazon's positioning & strategy towards business customers, and compare their offering to McMaster-Carr's.

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My favorite tools of 2016

I run down the tools - digital, physical, and educational - that helped me most in my projects during 2016. 

NYIO Tour notes: Amazon's Middletown, DE fulfillment center

My notes from the New York Infrastructure Observatory's 2014 tour of Amazon's Delaware fulfillment center. O, the sorting!