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Added on by Spencer Wright.

Today Zach and I spent most of the day laying out a new PCB for The Public Radio.


I'm trying to implement pair programming on the project, and so far that's been really helpful for me - especially right now. To date, I've only designed one PCB in Eagle, and The Public Radio is quite a bit more complicated. Zach's no expert either, but he's got a bit more experience than I do. Regardless, working together on it feels a bit slow, but I'm confident that we'll make fewer mistakes and will eventually move a lot faster as a result.

One thing we're revising is the battery setup on the PCB. On the last board we just used screw terminals and plugged old 9V batteries into them. It worked, but it's an inefficient use of space and energy. On this version we're probably putting a 3-pack of AAA batteries (hence the photo above) right on the board, and are getting a little cute with the layout.

More details to follow; we'll be working on this most of the day on Sunday, and hope to get designs out to a PCB shop on Monday.