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Playing, a few months ago

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Just a pretty diagram, showing some ideas for a marine monitoring system I was thinking about a few months ago.  

I like it when technical drawings include depictions of something physical, too. Whatever about anti-skeuomorphism, right? 

an app...

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that takes as input a set of people who want to have dinner together at a central location.  it accesses their foursquare/yelp/facebook/twitter/google (specifically, recent searches in Maps) profiles, extracts home & work locations and eating preferences.  accesses MTA (or other public transit) schedules and looks for available restaurants in locations that are convenient for all parties.

middleground is similar, but seems to take just the location inputs - no social media integration, no public transit. 

early storyboard: alarm/scheduling app

Added on by Spencer Wright.

in the interest of releasing early/often: 

i've been thinking about how i manage my schedule and alarms a bit recently.  it was originally inspired by Partly Cloudy, a beautiful weather app that i've been using for a while now.  i think of time in a circular format, and want a way to organize my schedule the same way.  in this way i find Google Calendar (which is my go-to scheduling application) a bit lacking: it organizes time in two linear axes, whereas my mind organizes time in a series of nested, circular axes.

the sketches below show some of the functionality of the app i've been imagining.  i won't go into it in detail here, but hope to make some proper wireframes and storyboards in the coming week. 

the default interface.  days of the week on the top left; item tag cloud on the top right (i don't like the format displayed here, but it works for now) and 24-hour day format in the main screen.   

the user is able to pinch/spread the main screen to zoom in on a particular time of the day, as shown here. 

when the user spreads, the 24-hour clock zooms in on a region of the day, to show scheduled items in more detail.  the user can tap on an item to bring up its attributes.

the item attribute page shows not only the item's details in text format (shown in a popup window at the bottom of the screen) but also the item's tag and recurrence as well.  in this case, the "wake up!" item recurs on weekdays, and has a particular tag (undefined here).  

the sound, vibrate and action fields are a bit vague here, but the idea is that an item can be associated with any number of triggered actions - push alerts, emails, SMS, twitter updates, and IoT actions to connected devices.

the last of these is one i'm particularly interested in.  it's my feeling that my coffee grinder should turn on at the same time my iPhone alarm goes off.  that way, if i decide to get up ten minutes earlier, i don't need to reschedule my automatic drip machine (which i no longer use, personally - too snobby for that shit - but you get the point) as well. 

user story: the Public Radio

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as a guy, i want a simple on/off function, so that i can turn my radio on easily when i'm shaving and have shit on my hands.

acceptance test: there's only one knob on the radio, and when i turn it clockwise, there's a tactile "click" and then the radio comes on to whatever station i have it preset at.

ideas in development

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i have not figured out how to keep track of ideas that i'm developing.  Evernote is (despite its features) imperfect and expensive.  Vesper doesn't really have that many features.  paper is impermanent and prone to being lost.  Trello is a little overkill, and iOS Notes is as underkill as Vesper without being pretty. 

nevertheless, one needs to save ideas.  so here, in Evernote OSX screenshot format, is a list of ideas i've been developing. 

a few of them are deeply related and will likely be condensed.  it's also possible that some will be need to be broken down and/or expanded.  some are just tweets, some are soliloquies, some are blog posts, some are just things i mull over or have some indeterminate/passionate feelings about.  with any luck, they'll all be showing up here soon.