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ideas in development

Added on by Spencer Wright.

i have not figured out how to keep track of ideas that i'm developing.  Evernote is (despite its features) imperfect and expensive.  Vesper doesn't really have that many features.  paper is impermanent and prone to being lost.  Trello is a little overkill, and iOS Notes is as underkill as Vesper without being pretty. 

nevertheless, one needs to save ideas.  so here, in Evernote OSX screenshot format, is a list of ideas i've been developing. 

a few of them are deeply related and will likely be condensed.  it's also possible that some will be need to be broken down and/or expanded.  some are just tweets, some are soliloquies, some are blog posts, some are just things i mull over or have some indeterminate/passionate feelings about.  with any luck, they'll all be showing up here soon.