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New TPR designs/drawings

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Made some updates to the models for The Public Radio this weekend. Included:

  • Made a full assembly model of the antenna. I had never done this previously, instead opting to let our suppliers make drawings. No more of that.
  • Fully updated our speaker model to allow for easier mechanical assembly and thru hole mounting to the PCB. This has been in the works for a while, but I needed to remodel the basket fully - and rethink the way that the lid screws work. I also renamed the speaker "Ground up speaker." You know, because of the fact that we're redesigning it from the ground up.
  • Added PEM nuts to the assembly (it was hex nuts before). I also adjusted the full screw stack so that it's fully supported throughout the assembly.
  • Remodeled the knob to be metric. ISO FTW! (Also note that the drawings are all on A4 paper :)
  • Did some basic housekeeping on the model, renaming and reorganizing elements to make maintenance easier.

I also did a bit of work to the EagleCAD - mostly just updating the speaker hole locations & sizes. Zach has done a bunch more work on this over the past few months; I'm mostly just dealing with mechanical interfaces here.

More on this soon, I hope :)