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Don't let anyone add any features

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Just a quick note:

I can't tell you how many times over the past year I've congratulated Zach and myself, in retrospect, for pulling off The Public Radio like we did. Specifically, that we didn't listen to *anyone* who asked us for new features.

We sold an FM radio in a mason jar, and we packaged it in kraft paper and a brown Uline box. People had asked for rechargeable batteries, and solar charging, and a headphone jack, and a multi-station option, and all other manner of things. We also considered retail packaging, and replacing our potentiometer with a rotary encoder, and (if we go way back) using a custom CNCd enclosure for the radio.

I really, really, can't emphasize this enough: The fact that we ignored our own urges, and politely told everyone else that what they were asking for was "on our backlog," is the only reason that we were able to deliver The Public Radio anything close to on time. 

Delivering a product is *hard,* and you don't get any bonus points for having a CNCd enclosure. Seriously. Don't let anyone add any features.