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Good at it

Added on by Spencer Wright.

This week I experienced a few moments - fleeting, but palpable - of being good at it. 

It was a nice feeling: A combination of knowledge, experience, and at least a bit of maturity. It was the feeling of having all of your tools laid out in just the right place. The feeling of finding a rhythm. The feeling of knowing exactly how much energy you've got, and pacing your sprint so that you *just* exhaust all of it.

Of course, I continue to make mistakes. Things rarely move as quickly as I hope, and rarely am I satisfied with the results. But when I look back, I can see my own work working - and I'm pretty sure it's not accidental.

I know the feeling isn't permanent; even writing this now, it seems a far way off. But I've been building for a while now, and even a fleeting reprieve is pretty great :)