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Good newsletters

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Prompted by Brendan, I wanted to list a few good email newsletters that I subscribe to and consistently enjoy. If you know of one that isn't on this list, give a holler and I'll check it out.

  • My own The Prepared <- shameless plug.
  • Reilly Brennan's Future of Transportation. Lot of autonomous car stuff here, but also great coverage of less hyped-up developments. I particularly like the "Patents & patent applications" section - mostly because it's a useful category of stuff, which I've really yet to develop for The Prepared.
  • Alexis Madrigal's Real Future, formerly Five Intriguing Things. Lot of obscure stuff here, all appropriately nerdy :)
  • Jon Russell's Asia Tech Review. Most of this is way beyond my interest level, but I like to keep more or less up to date on China and Jon does a good job at that.
  • Ingrid Burrington's Infrastructure Time. I'm not 100% sure that this is continuing beyond Ingrid's trip to the west, but I *really* liked her format and subject matter. 
  • Tilly Minute's New Yorker Minute. This got a lot of coverage recently as a way to cheat and act like you had read the New Yorker, but I find it really useful for it's real purpose: as a filter for what to devote my attention to.

I'll also mention Benedict Evan's newsletter. I don't really enjoy it much anymore, but you should be aware of nonetheless.