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Two years of The Prepared

Added on by Spencer Wright.

I began writing The Prepared, my weekly manufacturing newsletter, two years ago. I wrote a year-in-review of sorts this time last year, and thought I'd update it here.

First: The Prepared's subscriber list has increased by 185%, from 195 to 556. Its cumulative open and click rates are 52.3% (down from 54%) and 28.6% (down from 29%) respectively. 26 people unsubscribed in 2015.

Less tangibly but equally important, I feel notably closer to my subscribers than I did last year. I've connected with many of them by email or on Twitter, and have had more phone calls and coffees than I can keep track of. And as I've focused my area of interest, my audience has become more focused too. Increasingly, it includes people doing some of the most serious and interesting work in manufacturing today.

I also, for the first time, had a guest editor this year: Eric Weinhoffer, who filled in while I was on my honeymoon. Handing over the keys was good, and made me think about what The Prepared might look like if it weren't just my weekly manufacturing newsletter. I'm not sure whether I'll pursue a change in the near term (maintaining the current course is probably the path of least resistance for now), but even the possibility was interesting to consider.

As I wrote last year, The Prepared is "arguably the single most popular and useful thing that I do." It continually pushes me to make my knowledge base both broader and deeper, and has brought more people into my life than almost anything I've ever done.

Here's to another year!