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"Just Press Print"

Added on by Spencer Wright.

This is a total load of crap:

The high cost of tooling up a factory has long been a barrier to developing niche products. But now anyone with an idea and money could go into small-scale manufacturing, using computer-aided design software to create a three-dimensional drawing of an object and letting a commercial 3-D printing firm do the rest.

Some of the shit that's written about 3D printing *really* irks me. The above quote totally misses two key truths:

  • 3D printing - regardless of the technology - is highly immature. The idea that a designer can "let [someone else] do the rest" is just plain false.
  • Conventional manufacturing is actually *really* easy to do fabless; the "barrier" they refer to is a total misrepresentation.

I'm honestly excited for the future of manufacturing, but articles like this one only froth the market - resulting in less focus on the today's most interesting and pressing problems.