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Process chain reality

Added on by Spencer Wright.

I love this:

This is from the demo video for the Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25, a hybrid CNC mill/directed energy deposition machine. This is the same machine that GE Measurement & Control is apparently using to make valve parts. 

Most of the video isn't all that interesting. Most of the hybrid machines out there today are marketed in a similar way, relying largely on renderings and demos that seem a little concocted. But this one slide hit me in its candor - specifically, the fact that this part's process chain is 86% subtractive by time. 

I would love to see a comparison between this process and one that's purely subtractive. The part is fairly complex, and would probably require multiple fixturings, but who knows. It would also be really interesting to see how the process chain would change if you used a non-hybrid powder bed fusion machine (like an EOS M280) and then CNC machined it afterwards.