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Putting The Public Radio together

Added on by Spencer Wright.

We made some big changes to the assembly program for The Public Radio over the past month or two, and I wanted to document them. Here goes.

We start with a fully assembled PCB, a speaker, a spacer, a lid, some nuts & bolts, the potentiometer washer & nut, the knob, batteries, jar, ring and antenna. 

Install the speaker on the PCB.

Then slide the spacer over the potentiometer and onto the speaker.

Now install the lid over the potentiometer as well. 

Loosely install the potentiometer washer and nut. Then install the small screws through the lid, spacer, speaker and PCB and thread nuts on their ends.

Once all the screws are installed loosely, snug up the nuts and then the potentiometer washer and nut. Then install the knob, making sure the set screw is facing the flat portion of the potentiometer shaft.

Now install the antenna through the lid and thread it onto the screw.

Now install some batteries, put the radio into a jar and tighten the ring.

And, that's it!