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Added on by Spencer Wright.

I get the feeling I'll be doing a *lot* of this in the coming month:

Here I've taken an STL from Inventor and brought it into MeshMixer, where I'm remeshing the outside skin. I'm doing this so that I can then create a surface (as opposed to a volume) lattice in nTopology Element. If I tried to create the mesh directly from Inventor's STL, it would be much to fine and have a bunch of artifacts from the way that Inventor processes T-Spline surfaces (Inventor breaks the surface up into panels, and then subdivides each one individually - you can see the panel boundaries in the beginning of the gif), and would also be *way* too fine to be used as a scaffold for a surface lattice. By remeshing at a lower resolution - and playing with MeshMixer's remeshing settings a bit - I can get to a topology that's way better.

The design that I'm pointing towards here still isn't manufacturable - and is missing a bunch of mechanical features that the end part will need too - but it's starting to come together a lot better:

Special thanks to Ryan Schmidt (of Autodesk/Meshmixer) and Bradley Rothenberg (of nTopology) for pointing me in this direction - and for helping me out with the even cooler stuff I hope to do in the next week :)