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The Public Radio's Kickstarter raised upwards of $30k last night, and my inbox is *crazy.* Here's one response I wrote:

Thanks for your note, and the compliments. You bring up some serious (and warranted, I think) questions, and while I probably can't fully answer them (my inbox is going a little crazy), I did want to respond quickly.

First: We don't have a business plan per se, and I tend to think that's a *good* thing. There were a few possible outcomes of the campaign (fund at $25k, where we make them all by hand, or fund at an order of magnitude higher, where we need to scale and outsource production & logistics), and it was impossible to plan for them ahead of time. That said, we spent a *lot* of time going through those scenarios and feel confident (a bit surprised, but confident nonetheless) that we're well equipped to handle what comes.

Second: The Public Radio's design is whimsical, but our intentions are not. While the challenges we'll face moving forward are different than those we've managed previously, we're both serious, professional adults, and each of us has managed large scale projects (which carried bigger risks than The Public Radio does) in our careers. In short: We're are not taking our responsibilities here lightly. 

Third: Price. This is fuzzier, but the bottom line is that we live in a free (ish) market, and The Public Radio is priced at what we thought the market would bear. Keep in mind, also, that electronic devices are *really* expensive to make in low quantities (anything less than 10,000 annually, with annual commitments and long lead times). The Public Radio will *not* make us rich, but we were sure to set the funding and reward levels such that we wouldn't go bankrupt, either.

All of that aside, we do appreciate your feedback - we've been working on this for a year and a half now, and it's great to hear that what we're doing is resonating in some way. Hopefully I answered some of your questions; if not, please let me know and I'll try to clear it up :)