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More Bed

Added on by Spencer Wright.

This is mostly done.

The base has a six interconnected cubbies in it. Lift the mattress to access their doors. The doors themselves are perforated for ventilation (I figure that's a feature, right?) and to make it easy to see what's inside (pretty sure this'll be useful). 

The headboard has a bunch of little slots on the sides for storage. The one thing I really want to add still is a convenient way to charge your phone there, plus an outlet for a light (I'm thinking a pair of small clip-on fixtures similar to a Luxo). I might just hardwire in an outlet (with integrated USB) on each side of the headboard and run a piece of fixture cord out of the back... we'll see. I figure there's a pretty good chance that you've got an outlet somewhere behind the headboard, so routing the power conveniently out to each side is kind of a nice courtesy. 

The big thing that's missing here is a fastener system for the headboard. The base basically just snaps together, but the headboard will need a few fasteners. I'm trying to use barrel nuts (a.k.a. "cross dowel nuts") but it'll require a bit of finagling to make it work.

The one thing I'm a bit insecure about is the top of the headboard. I couldn't find a good way to terminate the slanted part, so I just let it stick up a little. That top shelf isn't going to be very useful for storing stuff, but I guess at least nothing will fall off the front.

Oh, and the headboard is a little overbuilt... but it's okay for now.