Manufacturing guy-at-large.

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To XOXO. Because why not apply, and why not post the application here?

What do you do?

i'm some sort of a hardware guy. i grew up in construction, studied linguistics in college, and started my own business building custom bicycle frames. i eventually quit that in order to do 3d design and product management for a company building robot sliding doors.

now i live in nyc and work at a strategic agency, and do a bunch of scrappy projects on the side.

What are you working on right now?

  1. a single-channel fm radio that's housed in a mason jar. it's a cute consumer product with a bit of (hazy) decision theory behind it. 
  2. laser sintered titanium bike parts. the technology (DMLS) and supporting logistics aren't quite market ready for consumer products, but they're getting there.
  3. digital strategy for fortune ~100 companies. i mostly like the b2b stuff.
  4. the nyc outpost of the Bay Area Infrastructure Observatory (we'll lose the "Bay Area" part).
  5. other stuff.

What's something that you've made that you're proud of?


i spent two years after college doing a full gut renovation of a midcentury modern ski condo in northern california. it was really hard - i didn't know anyone there, didn't have a social OR professional network, and was in way over my head on both technical and management skills.

but the end result was really nice. most of the structure of the building was damaged by 50 years of renovations and a healthy dose of rot. i was almost crushed by a beam once, and had a high pressure water line explode a few feed from my face, and had to engineer a bunch of retrofits to problems that i didn't have easy solutions for. but i paid attention to the details that mattered and ignored the rest, and in the end it came together.

it's a far way from what i've ended up doing for the rest of my career. i mean, i spent a bunch of time literally chipping up concrete during those years, and now i mostly think about advanced manufacturing and business models. it's hard to talk about the one in the context of the other.

but i'm proud of it. and most of the people i meet day-to-day don't have anything like that kind of experience.