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Personal OKRs

Added on by Spencer Wright.

First: You should know what OKRs are. I'm not saying there the end-all be-all, but they're totally a thing.

Yesterday I updated my personal goals in the format of OKRs and habits. Here they are.

Objective 1:

Be smarter than I really am.

I use this as a euphemism for formidability & staying on top of shit.

Key Results:

  • I’m more organized, and hence more at ease.

  • My output results in more inbound traffic.

  • My relationships are strengthened through my reliability and ability to communicate effectively.


  1. Keep a daily checklist & maintain a high “done” rate.
  2. Pitch something unironically on a weekly basis.
  3. Ship my newsletter weekly.
  4. Post 250 words publicly on a weekly basis.
  5. Post 750 words publicly on a monthly basis.

Objective 2:

Broaden and deepen my perspective and skillset.

Key Results:

  1. A full stack of maker skills.
  2. A continually broadening knowledge base.
  3. A continuous stream of completed & documented projects.


  • Lunch/coffee/drinks with someone outside of my immediate sphere on a weekly basis.

  • Show continued progress on extracurricular projects on a monthly basis.

  • A half-hour of terminal time on a weekly basis.

  • One unstructured weekday on a monthly basis.

These will change over time - perhaps sooner than later - but I feel good about them. Wish me luck.