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Old (ish) goals

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Me, last June

i have spent a while recently thinking about what, exactly, i have liked about my career. a few points:

  1. i like being appreciated.
  2. i like being compensated.
  3. i like being a little over my head. i prefer to stay right on the edge between the things i know i don't know and the things i don't know that i don't know.
  4. i like collaborating with people who are better at what they do than i am.
  5. i like having an understanding of long-term objectives, and i like being a significant factor in the achievement of those objectives.
  6. i like working with people like myself.
  7. i like being fully responsible for the execution of a project, however large or small.
  8. i like working on a new thing that will change some part of the world.
  9. i like working in emerging markets.
  10. i like working on things that people like me want, and want to interact with intimately.
  11. i like for the product values and interests that i have to overlap significantly with those of my collaborators and our product's users.
  12. i like being rewarded for my ability to identify, assess, analyze and solve problems, and i like it when those problems require me to learn about a new area of the world.
  13. i like clear objectives - and clear metrics by which they can be judged - over aesthetic, or "gut" feelings.
  14. i like working on general purpose technologies.
  15. i like working on cross-functional teams, and having responsibilities in many categories of business

I like this. Probably worth updating.