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Speaker mods

Added on by Spencer Wright.

One of the big pain points to date on The Public Radio is that our speaker - a Dayton Audio CE32A-4 - was *not* designed to be PCB mounted. Like most good quality full range speakers (it's one of the most expensive items on our BOM), it's got solder lugs, which are designed to have wire soldered to them.

So, why did we choose this speaker? Partly because of sound quality - it's really the best available given our size constraints. It was also relatively easy to attach to on the cone side; the plastic flange is sized nicely and has four good screw holes in it. And anyway, we figured we could work something out if we ever had to build a whole lot of radios.

Fortunately, at 2000 units we start to be in the range where getting custom PCB pins could make sense. It'll cost us some time (13-15 weeks) but that's okay if we decide quickly - and we'd probably wait that long anyway just getting the full quantity from our supplier. So I drew up a basic version of the pins we'd want and sent it to Dayton:

I'm not sure what the net cost will be on the parts, but the assembly will be significantly less expensive and *much* more reliable.