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What I'm doing

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The following is an account of the professional (ish) things that I'm currently working on. 


I work full time at Undercurrent, where I advise big companies on (usually) high level strategy, and spend a lot of time thinking about what working at a 300,000 person company is (and should be) like.

The Public Radio

I'm cofounder of Centerline Engineering, whose purpose is to design, manufacture and distribute The Public Radio. For the next few months (while Zach is busy at SFPC) I'll be leading most of the day-to-day activities, including retail (i.e. Kickstarter) and wholesale (radio stations) customer relations, project management, and procurement. Zach will take over a bunch of that in January, but the bottom line is that The Public Radio will amount to a part time job for the foreseeable future.

DMLS research

I'm collaborating on a project with Dustin Lindley, a researcher at the Additive lab of the University of Cincinnati Research Institute. I started this project to determine the cost structure of a DMLS bicycle seatmast topper. Now, we're working to understand the limits of the engineering and commercial viability of 3D printed consumer products. I've spent limited time on this over the past few months, but hope to make some progress by early 2015; expect a few hours a week (plus a day or two in Cincinnati).


I'm a design advisor to Brilliant Bicycles, a direct-to-consumer bike brand that's launching in the next few months. I'm doing all of the bike geometry design, and in the end act as a co-product manager. My hourly commitments vary, but average less than five hours a week. 


I'm founder of the New York Infrastructure Observatory, which itself is a spinoff of the Bay Area Infrastructure Observatory. Our first trip is this week, and I expect to spend a day or two every six weeks organizing and running NYIO events, which will usually take the form of manufacturing and logistics location tours.

The Prepared

I run a links-style mailing list, The Prepared, that ships weekly to about 150 people. Its purpose is to understand the process of value creation, and to help provide context on the mindsets and cultures in which products are developed, built, and distributed. Keeping a mailing list has become personally rewarding to me, and serves as both an impetus to read and remember interesting things, and as a way to communicate with intelligent, interesting people both in and out of my social circles.