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Bed in progress

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Today a bunch of walnut plywood was delivered to Old World Mouldings, and Paul started cutting them almost immediately. 

Router toolpaths, courtesy Paul.

The first few parts are cut.

I'm currently feeling a tad bit nervous that my design is off in some way, but there's not a ton I can do about it until all of the parts are ready - which should be late this week. I did find a pretty big error midday yesterday - I had assumed that 5/8" walnut would be available, and it's not - and was able to correct it before production started. In the process, I went through as many of the details as I could think up, and I *think* everything is okay.

Short-run manufacturing is tough. If I were being really careful, I'd ask them to run all the parts for one bed first, and I'd test it to confirm it works as I want it to. But it's a bit of a trip to get there, and running three copies of the same part all at once is a lot easier for them. I still may try to do a mid-project mockup, but it'll be a bit of a trick to work it out.