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Schematic & Plans

Added on by Spencer Wright.

One more report from our Hacknight: The Public Radio's schematic.

public radio notes-1.jpg

We'll use a Pro Mini for this next rev (the one after that will likely get an ATTiny), but will be using discrete ICs for both the FM receiver chip (Si4703 for this rev, though we'll eventually transition to Si4702 as we're not using the RDS features the 4703 offers) and the amplifier.

This schematic got a little sloppy at the end (after all, I was drawing it :/). I'll probably redraw it once more on paper just to make it pretty, and then we'll punch it down into Eagle and build a board file off of it.

There are probably a few mistakes here so if anyone's got a sharp eye, let me know :)

And lastly, our tasklist for the next few days: 

public radio notes-2.jpg

Most of this doesn't bear much comment... The next rev will likely get laser cut acrylic lids, which I kind of hate but which should be significantly more economical (and quicker to procure). Eventually we'll do stamped stainless steel lids, but that's a ways off. We also need to do a bit more digging on active antennas, as the telescoping RC antennas we're using here leave much to be desired. We've also got to look into other wire-to-board connection options; the screw terminals we're using (.1 spaced) are still a bit bulky, and we'd really like to avoid soldering wire directly to the PCB... 

More soon.