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Seatpost collar

Added on by Spencer Wright.

After doing even more research on DMLS pricing (update soon), I played around a bit today with designing a seatpost collar. 

BK1026 Barrel nut Seatpost Clamp.jpg

The design here is pretty straightforward. I'm using fairly standard barrel nuts and a M5 bolt (I'll steal these from a Thomson collar I have laying around), and the part profile isn't trying to be innovative either.

I'm getting this printed in alumide (a mixture of nylon and aluminum) for an aesthetic/basic form/function mockup, and will look into pricing on the part too. I suspect that it could be relieved in a bunch of places still (to reduce build time & cost) but for now I don't care too much - I just want to get a functional stainless or titanium part on a bike ASAP.

Updates when Shapeways ships, probably before Valentine's day.