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The Public Radio on GitHub

Added on by Spencer Wright.

The Public Radio is now contained on three repositories on GitHub. They're all within the same "organization," which is an improvement over the previous implementation. You can find it all here, and I encourage anyone and everyone to check it out and log issue requests/make whatever contributions they can!

The goal with The Public Radio is to maintain it as an open source project. Currently we've got embedded systems hardware data (BRD and SCH files from EagleCad), Arduino sketches, and C++ libraries all in their own repositories. I'm not certain this is the best way to organize everything, but it's a start. When I look at the physical hardware again (probably not until next week), I'll create a new repository for that and put STEP files there. I'm not sure that DXFs or STLs will make the cut, though I suppose they ought to. We'll see how the hierarchy works out.

We will, of course, sell The Public Radio as a fully assembled product, but we'll also maintain the GitHub repositories and try to support anyone who'd prefer to assemble/hack/repurpose the designs instead. We're also intending to sell a barebones kit - assembled PCB only, I think - and allow users to use their own speaker, UI, and enclosure.

GitHub isn't integrated into my workflow, and maintaining the repos will take a bit of elbow grease on my part - but I'm confident it'll be worth it.

Please check the repository out and give your feedback!