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Likely Changelog

Added on by Spencer Wright.

I like having multiple projects going. While I've been working on other things the past few days, I've had a chance to reflect a little on The Public Radio's current configuration. Zach has been doing other things too, but we've had a few chances to reconvene and have assembled a short, rough wishlist:

  • Programmable by AVRISP. This means breaking out 6 additional pins on the Pro Mini and adding a 6-pin programming header. Doing so will allow us to remove the bootloader, shortening startup time and pushing us towards an eventual transition to ATTiny.
  • Cut parts where possible. The one place this is really possible is on the screw terminals, where we can replace two 2-terminal parts with one 4-terminal part. That'll save up to $.09 per board - not exactly champagne-and-caviar money, but it's something.

The effect of just these two changes means laying out basically the whole board again. The 4-terminal screw block will screw up my whole amp & voltage regulator layout - basically the whole left side of the board. And the programming header (which I'll probably put in the bottom left) will require a few traces crossing the board up/down - likely causing trouble for some of the FM chip circuit. 

Tonight I began playing with this a bit, though I didn't get far:

The other thing I'd really like to do is plop a DIP package ATTiny on here somewhere, but there'll be a pretty significant redesign associated with that too, plus a learning curve re: getting off of Arduino, and all in all I think I should just wait until v1.3.

I'm hoping to get a big chunk of this work done early next week, as it's continuing to slip a bit. Still, we're definitely getting closer to our end goal - and learning a ton in the process.