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Public Radio v1.2 PCB

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Today Zach and I spent most of the day laying out new boards for The Public Radio. Here's mine:

There are a handful of obvious errors here. The top edge is too tight, and I've packed a *lot* in near the FM chip. I've totally ignored most of what the datasheets says about locating blahblah next to whatever (doing that tomorrow), and I could probably take a *lot* of style tips from someone with more experience.

But the basic concept is there. The PCB mounts to a 3xAAA battery holder on its back, and has SMT and thru-hole components on the front.

Tomorrow we'll spend the AM scouring the datasheets and then will likely end up totally rebuilding the boards. Plans have been discussed to make them round instead, and mount them directly to the lid of the jars, though that's a bit more than we can/should bite off for now.

Today the two of us were working in parallel, which was great for jumpstarting each of our abilities. We'll probably do the same thing for most of tomorrow, but eventually transition to one design and operate more in a pair-programming mode. We'd like to get a design to a board house tomorrow afternoon, though it could slip till Tuesday or Wednesday *possibly* - but only in the service of getting a better finished product.