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Public Radio progress

Added on by Spencer Wright.

The latest rev (v1.1) of The Public Radio:

public radio progress-3.jpg

The current state is: 

  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • Si4703 breakout
  • Mono audio amp breakout
  • VREG
  • A bunch of screw terminals

The next rev will be a little PCB that the Pro Mini can mount to, and on the back will be all discrete components comprising our own FM tuner & amplifier. This will reduce the cost of the assembly by a *lot* (these Sparkfun boards are easy to work with but silly expensive), and will allow us to play with the circuits a bit. 

The incredible thing is really how cheap the Pro Mini is. These things cost under $9 (cheaper on eBay) and have a lot more features than we'd ever need. Eventually we'll strip that off too and run the whole thing off of an ATTiny (or similar) but for now there's no point in getting ahead of ourselves - the Pro Mini is cheap enough and requires very little work on our part to get our MVP out quickly.

We should have the updated circuit done tomorrow and will be working on board layouts over the weekend :)