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The Rashomon Effect

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from Wikipedia

The Rashomon effect is a term that has been used by a number of different scholars, journalists and film critics to refer to contradictory interpretations of the same events by different persons, a problem that arises in the process of uncovering truth.
The idea of contradicting interpretations has been around for a long time and has implications to ethics in journalism. It is studied in the context of understanding the nature of truth(s) and truth-telling in journalism...
It is named for Akira Kurosawa's film Rashomon, in which a crime witnessed by four individuals is described in four mutually contradictory ways...

In The Simpsons episode Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo, Marge comments that Homer liked Rashomon, but Homer replies that he remembers it differently.

I can only hope that the Rashomon effect colors my idea of the fallibility of my own perception in a profound way.