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If you need me, I'll be: This Week

Added on by Spencer Wright.

This week is hackweek for me and Zach

We've been working, slowly, on a handful of projects (products?). Some require skills we don't have; some require time we haven't had the guts and/or availability to put in. 

I'm not bothered by the things not being done. I'm bothered by the skills unlearned, the effort not put in, the mental and emotional shit that I've put in my own way (nb. I'm not talking here about actual shit that actually happens - I accept that God laughs, etc. - I'm talking about self imposed shit, which I suspect is the lion's share of what most of us deal with most of the time). These are the problems that keep anyone - everyone - from taking care of the crap that matters most to them.  

But fuck that, right? 

In the interest of keeping ourselves on track, here's a brief overview of the week's agenda. Some of it's pretty hazy, but that's what you get. 

  • The Public Radio. We've got a couple PCBs and need to populate, reflow, program and test them. 
  • GSM data.  Getting activities on an Arduino to a Google Doc, web app or Twitter feed.
  • Temperature sensing. I got a high temperature waterproof thermometer a while back, but never got around to figure out the communication protocol. The plan is to be able to accurately test for temperature in a pot of boiling water, and relay that (via xBee/GSM/possibly Bluetooth & a PC) to a Google Doc, web app or Twitter feed.
  • Barometric pressure sensing.  Ditto for "Temperature sensing."
  • Bluetooth.  Getting data from a Bluetooth enabled sensor node to/from a PC.
  • iOS dev.  I just want to make a static app to start. Then build something that'll post data to a Google Doc/web app/Twitter feed.
  • Google Docs API.  See above. My impression is that it's easiest to send http requests to a Google Doc Form, which then dumps the data entered into a spreadsheet; we'll see.
  • Twitter API.  See above. Useful to trigger IFTTT actions... and just as a general exercise.
  • Simple web app.  I'd like to be able to trigger physical/electromechanical actions from a web interface, and then return the results to the same interface/a Google Doc/Twitter feed. For instance, I want to ask my web app what the temperature is at my xBee, and then have that temperature returned to my output streams. My plan for now is to do this in Ruby; we'll see.

That's the meat of it. In addition, I've got a couple of additional pet projects that'll need some attention:

  • Get Zach to be posting shit actively.
  • Some interesting bike-related design. 
  • Some interesting coffee-related design. 
  • Some freelance design. 
  • The Hardwired meetup on Monday. 
  • Bike rides MWF mornings. 
  • (Possibly, depending on my condition) running w/ dog TTh. 
  • Write up & publish a post re: Geoff Pullum & George Orwell. 
  • Post a big batch of photos.

I'm expecting it to be a good week.