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by way of explanation: What is The Public Radio?

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Yeah, I guess I never really explained it:

The Public Radio is a product idea for a single-band FM radio.  The unit will come packaged in a Ball jar and have only one control - an switched potentiometer that turns the device on and then changes output volume.  The consumer would purchase the device tuned to the local FM station that they regularly listen to: for me, it'd be either WNYC or Hot97.  Once you buy the device, it will *only* listen to that station.  It runs off a 9v battery and is easily transportable, stylish, etc.

(The pitch, as it were, is this: The idea that FM is a medium where you browse channels is totally outdated.  If you want to find new content, just turn on your computer.  With FM, the new mode is going to be to use it more like Pandora: You trust your content provider to play stuff that you like.  So you buy the Public Radio tuned to the channel that you have a relationship with, and the Public Radio is your permanent link to that station.)

Anyway, it's a fun project that Zach and I have been working on for the past few months.  I've been doing the hardware development, and Zach (whose electronics chops are much stronger than mine) has been doing the circuit design.  Right now we really need to get our PCB assembled (which requires a few tools that should be arriving later this week), and then I need to redesign the lid (wants to be brushed stainless steel, probably) and select a slightly smaller speaker.  Hopefully it'll come together in the next month or so.