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Added on by Spencer Wright.

you can call it whatever you want, but it'll always be triboro to me. 

three cool things about randall's island: 

  • it forms one landmass with ward's island, to which it was joined by landfill in the 1930s. by - who else - Robert Moses' Parks Department.
  • pedestrian/cyclist entry by the southern section of the triboro bridge is pretty dramatic while staying mostly on a human scale.  the majority of the span has a handrail but no guard, so you get an unobstructed view of randall's island to the west, astoria to the east, and hell's gate to the north.
  • the island is *hopping* on a saturday in early june, and it's really nice there.   the breeze off the east river is delicious, and the reggaeton is charming, and anyway you're there with friends and a football and cheap beer, so who's complaining.