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the public radio progress/mvp

Added on by Spencer Wright.

last week.  some real text is sorely needed at this point, but it'll have to wait for now :( 


anyway, we're making some real progress.  the physical enclosure is mocked up and we've got a good acoustic test going.  we should have the actual amp mocked up in a few days, and will be working on the rest in the coming week or two. 

pictured: my feet, coffee, etc.  obv. 

pictured: the workstation, i.e. my kitchen's #2 counter/storage space.  the soldering station is defective and needs to be replaced; the amp is a piece of junk (and was put together wrong - my bad).  i just got a positioning jig to hold PCBs while assembling (the cardboard and spools didn't work all that well).  and... mamoun's hot sauce remains kinda inedible.

pretty mvp.  and pretty cool.

the mvp is an off-the-shelf amp circuit, an ipod, and a speaker (the volume potentiometer isn't connected to anything), housed in a mason jar.  it sounds pretty great, though it's tough to change tracks/channels on the ipod.  luckily that won't be an issue on v1.0, which will have a fixed band FM tuner only.