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1. one's primary focus is to understand, and then achieve, what is important to himself.

2. what is important to me is, to a significant extent, my career. 

3. most nights, i find it of great importance that i spend a few hours focusing on my career. 

4. sometimes, when one is focusing on one's career at night, one needs a drink. 

5. white wine is nice in the summer, even if all you've got is a whiskey glass. 

6. mic6 tooling plate makes for a pretty nice coaster.   also it's useful when you're measuring things.

7. seltzer with a little orange flower water and a slice of lemon is also pretty refreshing. 

8. folks who do 3d design and *don't* use a 3d mouse are crazy. 

9. moisturizer is important. 

10. things that smell a nice way are nice.  my candle kinda sucks but it works in a pinch. 

1. thumbtacks are cool.  i got some aluminum ones that i like, and i like using them. 

2. cork is cool.  i got some raw cork bark when i was in portugal a few years ago, and i like it. 

3. managing a tackboard is weird.  also, tacks aren't a great way to hang coiled-up iphone cables, but they work in a pinch. 

4. spare buttons are totally inconvenient to keep.  so you're at your desk and you just pin them to your tackboard. 

5. i've gotten two tickets on my bicycle in the past 6 weeks. 

6. books are dying. 

7. books are kinda nice. 

8. if you're going to make a book, make it specific to paper.  paper is a great medium to display high resolution data, which makes it great for graphics, layout, texture, etc.  it's not particularly great for words. 

9. whatever.  i have a couple of books in my place now. i rarely look at them.   i did just get the 2012 Feltron Report, which is really beautiful and which i'm super excited about.

10. i live on top of a loud, bright corner.  which has its pluses and its minuses. 

11. curtains are effective but the means for procuring and installing them are inconvenient, and the design options that are available are limited. 

12. linen is available by the yard for pretty cheap.  and it lets a nice amount of light in. 

13. the street is still loud and bright, but if you want to live with perfect environmental control, you can totally just find a cave and move there.