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from last weekend's nytimes article on Y Combinator:
He used to tell me, ‘I want to build a product that helps social entrepreneurs and changes the world.’ Now he tells me, ‘I want to be the next Airbnb or Dropbox.’

i find myself deeply ambivalent about this kind of shift.  does it represent a developing cynicism in the protagonist (Strikingly's David Chen)?  or is the second quote simply a refinement of an underlying ambition that the first one masks with evocative language? 

regardless, the real message is in the desire to create the a big, unforeseen, game-changing thing.  which is, as it happens, exactly what i'm (we're all?) looking for. 

nb: it's a good article and a well told story, but perhaps the greatest gem is an exchange about the scent of rain, which apparently goes by the term petrichor.