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About three years ago, I made myself a wallet.

I drew inspiration from a number of makers, among them Billykirk, Makr, and Corter. Eric Heins @ Corter was also helpful in getting me oriented on a few of the details.

Recently I've been inspired by the idea of making a batch of similar pieces, and have been working with Christy Holzer on developing specs and finding suppliers of the necessary parts.

Last week, we got a few pieces cut and met to sew them up. The leather was all old scraps I had, and the fit & finish isn't exactly what it'll be in the end, but I like the result. We'll be refining it a bit over the next week or two, and hope to make plans for a small production run soon. 

It's a fun project, and I'm excited to see what the response is. Sign up below to get updates!