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The Public Radio is now shorter :)

We've been working on fitting everything into the next size down jar for a little while, and this afternoon we made a few steps in that direction. To celebrate, I spent a few hours modeling the target jar. 

The previous model was one of my first surface models, and I hacked it together *hard.* In the meantime I've gotten a lot more experience with NURBS, and it was great banging this out quickly. It's a lot more realistic in many ways, though I did half-ass the Ball logo a bit.

On the electronics front, Zach cranked out a new board design and we should be ordering a new PCB tomorrow. I also ordered new lids (one based on the new design, which is heading in the direction of sheet metal stamping). Meanwhile we've got a breadboarded version running, though it's a bit unwieldy. 

Expect more in the next week.