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Progress: The Public Radio

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Last night, Zach and I bribed Todd to help us jumpstart The Public Radio a bit. When we last worked on it, we had a short on the 3.3v line that we couldn't find. Well, that was fixed in short order, and we also were able to diagnose & fix a few other issues that we weren't aware of. 

We left with a board that's still not quite ready, but it's getting a lot closer. We also had a few more thoughts about how we should be proceeding, and it seems likely that they'll brew into something more actionable in the coming weeks.

It seems likely that with another day's work, we could get this board tuned up and blasting HOT97 like it should be. At that point, though, we need to undertake a total redesign of the whole assembly. The PCB is the wrong size & shape; the speaker is too large; the potentiometer isn't long enough; the lid is the wrong thickness (and, ultimately, the wrong material). 

It's also seeming likely that we end up redesigning the radio to be a simpler (and possibly analog) device... but that will only happen further down the line.