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Mailing List is Live.

Added on by Spencer Wright.

And the signup is HERE.


A few questions:

Why am I starting a mailing list?

Because it's good.

Do people *do* mailing lists?

I don't know. Do people do RSS? Do they look at websites on a regular basis? If everything is going mobile (as it appears it is) then I'm guessing the answer to the above is "mostly no." I'm not sure email is the cure (cf. Paul Graham's "Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas," point 2), but I'm trying not to try to change user behavior. And anyway, why *not* do a mailing list?

What's on this mailing list?

Oh, I don't know. Whatever. Something about behavioral psychology, something about probability. Something about design, or startup ideas. Maybe something from the Shouts & Murmurs section, or a link to an xkcd comic, or whatever. 

Good stuff.

Are you gonna spam me?

Oh, give me a break. It's on MailChimp, it's standard operating procedure, etc. Plus I'm a decent person.

What else?

Is there anything else? I think that's it. Sign up, it'll be kinda fun.