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Update: Dropout protector

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Stopped by NYCVelo today to get design review on a few parts I've been playing with. While there, I tried out the dropout protector I designed on a fork they had laying around. It was the first chance I've had to do so.

The fit is snug, just like it should be - it took a mallet to get the protector in place. There's no chance it's going move around during shipping, but with a little careful prodding I was able to get it back out just fine.

I also left one of my dummy headsets there for them to use on frames around the shop. Brett was pretty excited about it, and it was great to get some feedback on the execution and pricing. I'll probably redesign the part soon and get an injection molded part quoted. In the meantime, the dropout protector is for sale at Shapeways if you want to grab one (or a dozen!) for yourself :)