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Batch One ti top caps


Batch One ti top caps

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The ultimate aerospace upgrade for your bike’s cockpit. Printed from Titanium 6Al4V and coming in at just 4 grams, these top caps fit any 1-1/8” threadless headset and complement the highest end road and mountain setups.

Use your own headset preload screw or choose from our high end screw upgrades:

  • M6 x 1.0, 30 mm length security Torx button head screw, with L-key and one 25 mm screwdriver bit included. The screws themselves weigh 6.5 grams.

  • M6 x 1.0, 30 mm length titanium tapered head socket cap screw. These are especially pretty screws, and weigh 4.3 grams.

Preload screw:
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