Manufacturing guy-at-large.

The Public Radio is a collaboration between myself and Zach Dunham. We successfully completed an $88k Kickstarter campaign in October 2014, and are currently in production.

The Public Radio is the simplest FM radio in the world, housed in the most readily available enclosure: a mason jar. It's a totally uncomplicated device - just an antenna and a volume knob - and it's permanently tuned to one FM station.

The Public Radio is fixed to your station of choice - whether that be a local NPR affiliate (Zach prefers WNYC) or your favorite pop station (Spencer prefers HOT97). Once you receive your Public Radio, it's set to your station: its one knob controls just power and volume.

The Public Radio is designed to be used for local radio stations' fund drives; contact me for more info on pricing and availability for your station.

You can read more about the (long, hard, and highly educational) process of engineering and building The Public Radio on my blog.