Manufacturing guy-at-large.

From 2005 to 2008, I managed the renovation of a 3000SF residence in Northern California.  The building was built in 1959, and beneath the decades of redecorations - and in spite of decades of dry-rot and decay - was a classic example of California midcentury modern architecture.  The scope of work on the renovation was complete: not only did we replace all of the finishes and appliances, but we also installed all new mechanical systems and modified or replaced about 75% of the structure of the building.

During my two years on site, I managed all aspects of the job.  I coordinated directly with the architects, establishing, clarifying and developing design details.  I found, vetted and managed all manner of trade subcontractors, hired and managed carpenters and performed much of the actual labor on the job.  I also engineered and sourced solutions for a number of complex aspects of the job, both structural and aesthetic.