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That Transitional Time

Added on by Spencer Wright.

From the past month-ish of my life. Click 'em to "embiggen," or whatever. 





Modeling this paintball hopper elbow, as an exercise re: parts that would be okay to be FDM'd.

Deore... :phew.:


Definitely not for sale.

Post (or pre?) ride.

Definitely post ride.

Modeling an MR11 light bulb.

Jackson Heights.


Working on a way to determine whether your boat's anchor line has been severed. Kinda tricky.

Working on being happy.

Jersey City. 

Russo Mozzarella & Pasta.

Leather. And stuff.

I ended up rebuilding this model twice. This is the second shot at it, but I'm far from done here.

At this point I've got most of the structure modeled, but am missing a surface stitch or two - at which point the surfaces all come together to form a solid. This is getting close.


This is way more than I needed, but it was a good challenge. I'd like to think I learned a lot. 

Pre ride.

 Todd's shit.

Lunch with Zach.

Zach's idea. There's more to this... hopefully this week.