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The vocal tracks on the deluxe version of Pet Sounds are just crazy. The way they drop down into the bridge on "Wouldn't it be Nice" is really incredible.

if you're not listening to

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this Sonny and the Sunsets track, you're out of your mind.  this whole album is great. 

edit: the track above crystallizes a lot of things for me.  the one below isn't quite so prescient, but it's weird and honest and really fun all the same. 

galloping gertie

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it's an engineering legend, but the fate of the Tacoma Narrows bridge isn't exactly fossilized into American Cultural Heritage. 

you should totally know about it, though, if only because the film of its demise is so visually weird.


of all the gin joints

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i was in mixed company a few days ago and was shocked to learn that i was the only one who got (my own) reference to Casablanca.  i try not to be prescriptive about cultural knowledge, but at the same time i greatly enjoy understanding cultural references, and have found that Casablanca is one of the richest source of them.   

you really should see it for yourself, but i'm collecting a few key clips below. 

here's lookin' at you, kid.