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Hario Driver from Shapeways

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Got this yesterday: 

This is a socket bit that can be chucked in a drill and used to grind coffee with a manual burr grinder. I'm toying with the idea of having some CNCd, but this 3D printed steel version will work well for testing.

I don't own the Hario grinder that it's designed for, but I'm hoping to test it this weekend at a friend's house. Expect results soon :)

Scheming on Hario shit

Added on by Spencer Wright.

Last week, with Jace.

An early idea of mine was to replace the whole drive bolt on the Mini Slim (there's no reason it couldn't be a hexagonal drive) but ultimately that'd be costlier and would require a lot more disassembly/reassembly by the user.

If you've struggled with your Hario grinder in the past, hit me up!

Hario Skerton Mods

Added on by Spencer Wright.

NOTE: The Hario/Porlex compatible drill adapter shown below is available for sale! You can find it on Shapeways, here.

I got a Hario Skerton manual coffee grinder a few years back, but quickly grew tired of the hand cranking (+ the jumps & catches & spills I frequently had with it). So I retrofitted mine with a nut instead of a thumbscrew, and have happily been using a drill with a nutdriver to grind my coffee.

A friend has the Hario MSS-1B Mini Slim grinder, and he has it even worse: The shaft has a pentagon stud, which has a loose fit with the stamped handle and is difficult to adapt to a drill. We were talking about his situation this week, and I decided to model a pentagon driver that could be 3D printed and would allow the user to use a drill to grind their coffee easily & quickly.

I realize that this is a pretty small market - people who are okay with having a drill in their kitchen - but I'm curious whether anyone else out there would be interested in something like this. I'll be testing a prototype of the part over the next few weeks; if you're interested, give a holler!

UPDATE: This part worked! And you can buy one for yourself here.